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Last updated: September 12, 2019



SFOR.TRADE is a universal cryptocurrency platform which enables users to carry out transactions with each other in cryptocurrency.

It is important to understand that the SFOR.TRADE platform does not buy or sell anything and can in no way influence the rates of the traded currency pairs. SFOR.TRADE charges a specific percentage (0.120% - 0.050%) of the user's transaction amount as a commission for providing trading security and convenience.

Before registering we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main terms and conditions:

  • Terms of Use;
  • Cookie Policy;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Anti-Money-laundering Program and Financing of Terrorism.
How does SFOR.TRADE work?

SFOR.TRADE accepts funds and cryptocurrency from users, after which they are able to carry out trading operations with each other using the funds they have placed in their user wallets. In other words, SFOR.TRADE gives users the opportunity to buy/sell/exchange cryptocurrency and fiat money. The SFOR.TRADE platform itself does not buy or sell anything - all operations are carried out exclusively by its users.

How do I start trading on SFOR.TRADE?

To get started you need to create a user account and deposit some funds in it using one of the methods indicated in the tab Deposit.

After topping up your account you can sell or buy cryptocurrency.

Is it safe to use SFOR.TRADE?

SFOR.TRADE's top priority is the reliability and security of its users' funds and personal data.

SFOR.TRADE has done everything possible to ensure complete security when working on the platform. However, you must remember that SFOR.TRADE cannot guarantee the safekeeping of funds and data kept on a user's computer.

You are therefore advised to take the following actions to ensure safety:

  • use official wallets to keep your cryptocurrency;
  • encode your personal crypto wallet your user account;
  • use good anti-virus software;
  • make sure that nobody has access to a device on which funds or passwords are stored;
  • use the most complicated passwords possible for your account, mailbox and encoded wallet on your computer.

Remember that you yourself are responsible for keeping your funds secure after withdrawing them from the platform.

Does SFOR.TRADE have a demo mode?

Each client of SFOR.TRADE has a "Practice account", which completely duplicates the functionality of real account. The only difference is that in a practical account user does not spend real money.

You can easily switch from one mode to another by clicking on your balance (right-hand menu item on the top menu) and in the opened submenu choose the "Real account" or "Practice account".

What time does the website use?

The website operates on UTC +3 (Coordinated Universal Time).

Account security

SFOR.TRADE official address

There are only one official SFOR.TRADE address: Always pay attention to the site address in the address bar of your browser to avoid phishing.

Every user is responsible for his/her account and funds on SFOR.TRADE.

Profile two-factor authentication (2FA)

One of the major steps you need to take to ensure the security of your account – to install two-factor authentication, which is an access system based on two keys and used to enhance the security of user accounts.

Core advantages of two-factor authentication:

  • You do not need additional facilities for work because authentication is performed via mobile device, which is usually within reach;
  • The confirmation code is always new and more secure than a single password.

You can switch on 2FA in your online account. Read the detailed instruction.

SFOR.TRADE team recommends you to apply Google Authenticator due to the following:

  • Application of Google Authenticator ensures instant website entry;
  • Application generates unique six-figure code every 30 seconds, cutting down on the risks of information leak.

You can learn about how to start working with Google Authenticator in this material.

Please note that the difference in the time on your mobile device and your computer could be the reason why your TOTR (two-factor authentication) codes don’t work on your device.

The time on the mobile device and the computer must match exactly up to seconds. To make sure that your Google Authenticator app is synced correctly:

  • - Go to the main menu of the Google Authenticator app;
  • - Tap More and then Settings;
  • - Tap Time correction for codes;
  • - Tap Sync now.

On the next screen, the app will confirm that the time has been synced, and you should now be able to use your verification codes to sign in. The sync will only affect the internal time of your Google Authenticator app, and will not change your device’s Date & Time settings.

What does it mean to use two-factor authentication "At login"?

Selecting this option means that you are logging into your account, along with the standard username and password, you will use a unique one-time code. It is also used to change the profile settings, and offers further protection.

Two-factor authentication can be used through the Google Authentication App, installed on your mobile phone.To install two-factor authentication "At login" in the main menu select "Profile" and enable 2FA.

Security of your Email

You need to remember that:

  • SFOR.TRADE does never send any letters asking to donate or transfer funds;
  • SFOR.TRADE does never ask to send personal data to participate in contests;
  • The official mailout comes only from the official domain SFOR.TRADE -
Desktop/mobile application

Currently, SFOR.TRADE does not have any official mobile application. Please, make sure you have taken the mentioned information into consideration to avoid installing fake applications.

What is a "Trusted IP" and do I to create one?

When you select the tab "Trusted IP» from the main menu "Account" than "Security", you can create a trusted IP address, or a list of trusted IP addresses. This means that this account can only be used from a specified IP address (address list).

To create a trusted IP address, enter the correct IP address in the "New IP address" window and click "Save".

To create a list of trusted IP addresses, enter the desired IP address in the "New IP address" and click "Add", then enter the next IP address you want to add to the list in the "New IP address" and click "Add". After you have entered the required number of IP addresses, click "Save". Then check the box "Use list of trusted IP addresses".

How to protect your account from hacking?

This security measures maximize your chances to secure your account and data:

  • The mail password and account login password MUST NOT match;
  • The email password and account login password MUST NOT match;
  • The password on SFOR.TRADE should not coincide with passwords on other resources;
  • The password must be "complex" (consist of numbers, special characters as well as capital and lowercase Latin letters). Example: g7N&4P@2R_S%O6hQ7^E9;
  • Strongly recommend two-factor account protection;
  • If you have noticed suspicious activity, report about it to, SFOR.TRADE support team;
  • Never enter your account from undetermined device;
  • Never continue to website following unverified link;
  • Make sure to receive first-hand information about SFOR.TRADE platform: on official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.
What if I suspect that my account was hacked?

If you believe that the access to your account was found by the third parties, please contact the SFOR.TRADE Support service at and indicate your login, registration mail (the mail for which your SFOR.TRADE account is registered) and the reason for the appeal.

What should I do if my account is blocked and why did this happen?

To clarify the reason for the blocking, we ask you to contact from the registration mail (the mail to which your account is registered on the SFOR.TRADE exchange) with the reason for the appeal.


What is the purpose of verification?

Verification is necessary for trading on the exchange and performing certain operations. After passing verification all services will be available to you.

Account verification is carried out in 2 stages:

  • Identity check;
  • Selfie photo with Identity check.
  • Please note: all the documents must be scanned copies of the originals.

General requirements for documents

To pass verification:

  • Use only documents with information in Cyrillic or Latin letters.
  • All the scanned copies or photographs of documents:
    • are accepted only in jpg or png formats;
    • cutting the edges of the document is not allowed, all 4 corners of the document must be visible;
    • only color copies are accepted;
    • must be made against a monochrome background;
    • documents must not be edited in any editor program;
    • must not contain scanning / photographing artifacts such as flash marks, blur;
    • must not contain unrelated items, objects or inscriptions that are not in the original document (for example, paper clips, pencils, fingers, etc.);
    • must be in a good quality, with a resolution of 300dpi or more. The size of each file should be from 500kb to 5Mb. All the details of the documents on the copy or photos should be visible. All copies and photos of documents with low resolution or poor quality will be rejected.

After downloading all the documents, the application is being sent to the Verification Department. The identification procedure takes up to 48 hours. If any of the rules is violated, verification will not be approved. All the comments and reasons for rejection the user can see in their personal account.

Identity check

You must provide proof of identity and fill in the necessary information:

  • national passport (the first two pages);
  • international passport (the first two pages);
  • ID card (both sides);
  • driving license (both sides).

The passport, ID card or driving license provided for verification must contain the following information:

  • Country that issued the document;
  • Serial number of the identification document;
  • Issue date of the document;
  • Gender;
  • Last name;
  • First name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Place of birth;
  • Expiration date.

Note: all the copies and photographs of documents are accepted only in jpg or png formats. The size of each file must be from 500Kb to 5Mb.

Selfie photo

Additionally, for verification of identity, the Verification Department may request photo with ID card/passport/driving license, holding a piece of paper with the current date and the signature "SFOR.TRADE" near the person.

Note: All the photos must be in a good quality, and all the details of the document should be visible.

Important: The image should not have a mirror effect.


How to deposit funds

You can deposit funds via Bank transfer, card or cryptocurrency transfer.

You are always welcome to make deposits from an e-wallet (We support the following: Enfins, Payeer, PayKassa, Berty).

You can easily register with any of th e-wallet for free, and then use your bank card to add money, or use other e-wallets.

The minimum deposit is 20 USD/GBP/EUR.

Using e-wallets instead of bank cards is faster for withdrawals.

I have problems depositing via card through e-wallets

Deposits might be declined if you entered the wrong 3-D Secure code (the one-time confirmation code sent by the bank).

This might happen if the "country" field is empty in your information. In this case, the system doesn't know what payment method to offer, because available methods differ by country. Enter your country of residence and try again.

Some deposits might be declined by your bank if they have restrictions on international payments. Please contact your bank and check this information on their side.

What is 3DS?

The 3-D Secure function is a special method for processing transactions. When you get an SMS notification from your bank for an online transaction, it means that the 3D Secure function is on. If you do not receive an SMS message, contact your bank to enable it.

What if I want to change the currency of my account?

You can only set the currency once, when you make the first deposit attempt.

You will not be able to change the currency of your real trading account, so please make sure you choose the correct one before you click "Proceed to payment".

You can deposit in any currency and it will be automatically converted to the one you chose.

Where is my money? A deposit was made to my account automatically

We are not able to debit your account without your authorization. Please make sure that a third party doesn't have access to your bank account or e-wallet.

If there's any chance that someone got access to your account on the platform, change your password in the settings.

What kind of card is accepted? Can I deposit via credit card?

You can use any Visa, MasterCard, Maestro/Cirrus or Мир debit or credit card to deposit and withdraw money. The card must be valid and registered in your name, and support international online transactions.

How to withdraw funds

Fiat currency withdrawal

1. To withdraw your funds, go to the Withdraw page. Choose a withdrawal method, amount and other data required, and click the “Withdraw Funds” button. We do our best to process all withdrawal requests within the same day or next day if outside working hours on business days.

2. The number of withdrawal requests is not limited. The withdrawal amount should not exceed the amount of your current trading balance. Thus, the amount you can withdraw to a bank card is limited to the amount of money you deposited using this card.

The withdrawal involves the following parties:

  • Acquiring bank – partner bank of SFOR.TRADE
  • Issuing bank – the bank that opened your bank account and issued your card

In case of malfunction on the side of one of the above-mentioned parties during the withdrawal process, there might be issues with funds being credited to the card. At the moment of the withdrawal on the website, SFOR.TRADE provides information about the transaction to the acquiring bank. The acquiring bank assigns a unique ARN* code to the operation and passes it to the IPS. The IPS then assigns a unique RRN* code and transfers all the information to the issuing bank. The issuing bank processes the operation and credits the funds to your card.

*ARN and RRN identification codes serve as proof of successful withdrawal transactions. The ARN and RRN codes are unique for every transaction and prove that this exact transaction was successful.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal

To withdraw cryptocurrency, go to the Withdraw page, choose a withdrawal method via crypto (BTC/DASH/ETC/ETH/ADA), enter amount and choose wallet address, where the amount has to be sent. If you have not wallet address, go to the page Wallets / Withdrawal and add required wallet.

After all, confirm withdrawal transaction.

Possible withdraw malfunctions

If 15 calendar days have passed after the withdrawal request but the funds were not credited to the bank card, please contact SFOR.TRADE Support through your Profile (or send email to

In your message to the support team, it is important to mention the dates and amount of the withdrawal not credited to the bank card (please make sure that 15 calendar days have passed before writing a message to the support team). We also ask that you attach a credit card statement issued and signed by the bank.

If the transaction is not successful, the support team will provide an explanation of what happened and advise you on what steps need to be taken.

If the transaction is successful on the sides of both SFOR.TRADE and the IPS, customer support will provide the unique identification numbers (ARN, RRN) for the non-credited transactions.

You should:

  • Fill out the form Form 1.
  • Take it to the issuing bank’s processing department (the department responsible for processing payments, which may be called the processing center, payment services support department, bank card operations support department, etc.). The issuing bank should be able to use the ARN and RRN codes to track the withdrawal transactions. If the bank failed to track the transactions with the help of the codes, they should sign the document provided. This document should be sent to the SFOR.TRADE support team ( Please do not forget to mention that the funds were not credited. SFOR.TRADE can forward this form to the IPS only if there is an official reply stating that operations were not processed or not found by the issuing bank.
  • Upon submission of the completed form from Form 1, an investigation will be opened with the relevant payment processing company and/or third party involved with the processing of your payment(s). It is important for you to note and acknowledge that such investigation is carried out by third parties outside of SFOR.TRADE’s control and is generally completed within 30 to 180 days. As such, SFOR.TRADE is unable to guarantee and/or influence the time period required for the completion of the investigation.

*ARN (Acquirer's Reference Number) is a unique transaction code assigned by the acquiring bank.

*RRN (Retrieval Reference Number) is a unique transaction code assigned by the payment system.

Withdrawal method

Your withdrawal method should depend on the deposit method.

In another case, an additional withdrawal fee is possible.

Conditions may vary depending on location. Please get in touch with Support for precise instruction.

How long does it take to process the withdrawal?

For every withdrawal request we need some time to check everything and approve the request (no more than 3 days).

We need to be sure that the person who makes a request is really you. This is necessary for the security of your funds, along with the verification procedures. After that, there is a special procedure when you withdraw to a bank card.

We send you the money within the same 3 days, but your bank needs some more time to complete the transaction.

So you can withdraw all your profits to an e-wallet (Payeer, Enfins, or PayKassa) without any limits, and get your money within 24 hours after we complete your withdrawal request. This is the fastest way to get your money.

Where can I check my withdrawals?

You can check your withdrawals and withdrawals statuses on the page Wallets / Withdrawal or on the page Balance history.

The time when you receive the payment depends on the bank, the payment system or the e-wallet system. It is approximately 1 day for e-wallets and usually up to 15 calendar days for banks. The withdrawal time could be increased by the payment system or your bank and we have no influence on it.

Do I need to provide any documents to make a withdrawal?

Your identity must be verified by ours specialists.

How much can I withdraw per day?

You can withdraw up to $1,000,000 per day. The number of withdrawal requests is unlimited. The withdrawal request must not exceed the amount available on your account.


What are the commissions?

Up-to-date information can be found in the tab Deposit/Withdrawals. It is important to understand that commissions on deposits / withdrawals depend on the intermediary (payment system) and cryptocurrency networks and can vary.

How quickly will my cryptocurrency deposit be added to my balance?

Cryptocurrency Deposits to the user’s balance usually occurs within 60 minutes, and depends on the number of confirmations in the network.

Enrollment of funds will occur after:

  • the 1th confirmation of transaction for BTC / LTC / DASH / ETH / ZEC / XRP / BCH / EOS / XLM;
  • the 2th confirmation of transaction for USDT;
  • the 5th confirmation for NEO / GAS;
  • the 10th confirmation in the XMR;
  • the 15th confirmation for the ADA;
  • the 400th confirmation for the ETC;
What is the minimum amount cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal?

To withdraw an amount less than $20, you will need to contact our Support Team for assistance. Our specialists will provide you with the possible scenarios. The maximum allowable withdrawal/depositing is depends on the method you choose.

You can always find the current limits (minimum/maximum value) on the Deposit/Withdrawals page by selecting the method of interest to you.

What is the commission on cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals?

You can always find the current limits (minimum value) on the Deposit/Withdrawals page by selecting the cryptocurrency of interest to you.

Besides, the systems themselves charge the following commissions for withdrawals (per transaction):

  • BTC=0.0005
  • LTC=0.01
  • DASH=0.01
  • ETH=0.01
  • ZEC=0.001
  • USDT=5
  • XMR=0.05
  • XRP=0.02
  • ETC=0.01
  • BCH=0.001
  • XLM=0.01
What is displayed in Balance History of the Profile?

This field displays:

  • Number of operation;
  • Type of operation (deposit/withdrawal);
  • Date and time of operation;
  • Method of operation (payment system used to perform the operation);
  • Status of operation (Paid/Not paid);
  • Currency/cryptocurrency in which the operation was performed;
  • Amount (Amount/Fees/Received).
What is displayed in Trading History of the Profile?

This field displays:

  • Number of operation;
  • Currencies of operation;
  • Type of operation (BUY or SELL);
  • 1st pair ammount;
  • 2nd pair ammount;
  • Fee amount.
What is displayed in Balance History of the Profile?

This field displays:

  • Number of operation;
  • Type of operation (deposit/withdrawal);
  • Date and time of operation;
  • Method of operation (payment system used to perform the operation);
  • Status of operation (Paid/Not paid);
  • Currency/cryptocurrency in which the operation was performed;
  • Amount (Amount/Fees/Received).
Why am I unable to withdraw my money?

There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • within 24 hours of a change to your user account data;
  • insufficient funds for withdrawal;
  • insufficient number of network confirmations of the cryptocurrency deposit;
  • you have exceeded your daily withdrawal limit;
  • your withdrawal has been blocked by the exchange administration;
  • you have not carried out a single transaction on the exchange.
Why are the payment methods disabled?

Deposits/withdrawals using specific payment providers can be shut down for the following reasons:

  • technical work on the payment provider's side to stabilize the system;
  • the gateways are operating in automatic mode based on actual traffic and shut down to free up the network.

If a specific payment method is not showing in Wallet this means that it is currently not possible to deposit/withdraw funds by this method and you must wait for it to be automatically reactivated or else use another available withdrawal method, if necessary.

Can I transfer funds between my SFOR.TRADE accounts?

Each user can have only one User Account. Use of two or more User Accounts is a breach of the Agreement.

How to trade

How is trading volume calculated on SFOR.TRADE?

Trading volume is calculated automatically by aggregating a user’s trading volumes over an entire period (the previous 30 days).

What is a limit buy/sell order?

This is an order which is fulfilled as soon as a suitable counter-order is found at your price or a better price.

If there is no suitable counter-order to fully fulfill your order but there is a counter-order that can partially fulfil your request, your order will be partially fulfilled. The remainder will be kept in the pot to await suitable orders.

What is a market buy/sell order?

This is an order which is fulfilled immediately at the market price (at the upper price of the market pot). If a placed order cannot be completely fulfilled at the upper price it is fulfilled in parts, starting from the top and moving down the market pot until it is fully fulfilled.

What commission does SFOR.TRADE charge on trade transactions?

A commission of 0.120% - 0.050% is charged on each completed transaction from the purchased asset, i.e. upon completion of the transaction you will receive the asset minus 0.120% - 0.050%. Thus, you can use all the funds you have to make a purchase, but will receive 0.120% - 0.050% less of the purchased asset.

No commission is charged upon placement of an order - in other words, you can place or cancel as many orders you like without paying a commission.

How do I cancel a placed order?

To cancel an open order you must select the relevant currency pair on the home page. On the right-hand side in the Open Orders table there is a red cross opposite each order. If you click on the cross the corresponding order will be cancelled and the amount returned to your account.

Where does the money that I have lost in trading on your exchange go?

SFOR.TRADE does not buy or sell, but only provides an opportunity for exchange between users. All funds go into profit for exchange users.